Sharon D. Jones, M.Div.

Funding Strategist


Solutions Matter, LLC.

For the past 25 years, Sharon has worked as a funding strategist and church growth fund development professional. She has worked in the nonprofit sector to live out her life’s mission: to introduce financial growth opportunities that strengthen the financial base for the Church, nonprofits and small businesses. She believes that every social enterprise should have the financial resources needed to impact communities and the world.

Sharon created the first non-traditional revenue program for the United Methodist Church through the General Council on Finance and Administration which is now a successful sponsorship program. She built a sustainable and robust planned giving program for the denomination as well.

She served as a consultant for the first faith-based capacity building program in the State of New Jersey designed to train and develop church and community leaders engaged in social outreach. 

Sharon has a passion to help the local church and non-profit organizations secure the financial resources needed to do ministry and serve people. She believes that all ministries and people should live a life free of debt allowing them to have a greater witness and impact in the world.