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Solutions Matter, LLC.

About Us

Sharon D. Jones, Global Funding Strategist

Sharon is an innovative, entrepreneurial, and seasoned leader with over 30 years of progressive experience in diverse fund development programs. She has managed fundraising efforts spanning the globe with significant leadership experience in fostering organization-wide culture of philanthropy. She is goal oriented and a natural leader who is passionate and committed funding strategist.

What her clients have said about her:

“Sharon possesses a strategic orientation to build and grow philanthropic programs. She has a demonstrated ability to develop and implement creative fund development plans which yield significant results. “ 

Arthur R. Lee, Executive Director, FEMA

“Sharon is an experienced leader with an extraordinary ability to build successful teams while assisting them in fostering a culture of collaboration and cooperation. “ 

PC Peters, President Fitzpatrick Tennis Association

“Sharon has significant experience in securing funding from individuals, corporations and foundations.”

Rev. Dr. Calvin McKinney, General Secretary, NBC USA, Inc. 

Sharon has a passion to help business owners,  church leaders and non-profit organizations secure the financial resources needed thrive.  Living a debt-free life allows you to have a greater witness and impact in the world.   

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Non-Traditional Fundraising

We don't fundraise. We friend raise. 

We help you grow your strategic partners and broaden your pool of investors, friends, strategic partners and influencers. 

Who we've  served and who we currently serve

Peace Development Fund                    Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies                                             National Baptist Convention, USA

National Council of Church of Christ in the USA                                         American Bible Society                                         The United Methodist Church

The Riverside Church                                                             National Immigration Forum                                                             Bloomfield College

The Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - NYC                                                 US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Fund for the City of New York                                           Church Women United                                        United Negro College Fund

New Jersey Office of the Governor                                              The Lou Rawls Foundation                       Columbia University School of Social Work

Community Baptist Church Englewood                            The Jerusalem Art Project                           The Seed Company