We believe and have been convinced that every nonprofit must perform a critical evaluation of its services and programs on a regular basis to determine their impact. Such an evaluation will help you determine how effective you are in serving the community and to determine if needs are being met. This evaluation will help you determine if all of your activities are relevant and necessary. Our program promises to help you save time and money; while enhancing your public image and strengthening participant engagement and giving.

 We Can Help 

Solutions Matter is a personalized service committed to building nonprofits of all sizes.

Solutions Matter will:

  • Increase your program membership
  • Develop and increase your financial bottom line
  • Improve your image
  • Build tailor made programs to attract more visitors/program participants
  • Set goals and priorities which are attainable
  • Build more effective participant experiences
  • Produce a web and social media presence
  • Create outstanding and effective creative participant experiences

Solutions Matter provides professional Consultants with extensive experience in the following categories:

  • Technical support
  • Social media engagement and website design
  • Special events to attract more followers and participants
  • Resource development/fundraising
  • Strategic marketing and leadership development